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MHTOOL Explosion-proof Electric Chain Hoist 0.5T-60T

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 Explosion-proof Electric Chain Hoists are widely used in Special Explosive Atmospheres which has the various ignitable gases and vapors.

 After 15 years designed experiences technology, to ensure offer most safe products&excellent performance.

 Main Technical Features:

●Explosion-proof class uoto EX ⅡCT4

●2 Speed or 1 Speed motor as option

● Hoist is installed by Upper and Lower Limit Switches

●Lower Hand Control Voltage can be 24V/36V/48V/110V

● Motor Protection IP66 according to EN 60 529

●Explosion-proof  IP66 Push Button switch box with Emergency “ Stop” Button

●Special Ex Anti-corrosion treatment of hook,Ultra Resistant Corrosion;

●Design Special Sparkproof Hoist Motor 

●Adopt Special Explosion-proof Electric Controller Box IP 65 Rating



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