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Hydraulic Press


MHTOOL Explosion-proof Electric Chain Hoist Crane 0.5T-60T

MHTOOL European Electric Wire Rope Hoist for Crane 0.5T-100T

MHTOOL CD MD Electric Wire Rope Hoist 0.5T-100T

MingHe Stamping Drawing Hydraulic Press 100T-1600T

  • Minghe Stamping Hydraulic Press 100T-3000T
    Minghe Stamping Hydraulic Press 100T-3000T

    The Hydraulic Press is suitable for drawing,bending,forming,stamping and flanging stamping processes,especially for the following fields:01-Automobile Parts:Vehicle bodywork,brake discs,oil tanks,chassis and bumpers;02-Household applications:Washing machine parts,electric cooker parts,TV set parts,r

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  • MHTOOL European Electric Chain Hoist 0.5T-10T
    MHTOOL European Electric Chain Hoist 0.5T-10T

    In order to follow the global machinery industry revolutionary changes,Minghe always insists on sustainable Innovation&Open Cooperation together with all our partners to provide our factory direct selling excellent products.To create world first class experience of [Many-Fast-Good-Economize] Purchas

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