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MHTOOL European Electric Chain Hoist 0.5T-10T

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Our European Electric Chain Hoist is designed Higher Performance & Faster Speed,Longer Service Life and Simple Maintenance.

Standard Certificate: CE Approval;

Chain Guide--:Adopt Professional Chain Guide Design which to make Hoist Operation more smooth and efficient;The Chain Guide is a complete assembly consisting of the chain and chain guide which facilitates quick and easy replacement of the entire chain drive without having to remove the moor or gear parts;

Durable Brake--:Adopt Maintenance-Free Brake,No need adjust it because of its minimum wear,brake outside shell is made of double sealing ,so it can be applied in rough environment;

Slip Clutch--: Maintenance-free, Integrated behind the brake in the power drive,it provides reliable protection against Overload, Inner Speed Monitoring to prevent the chain to be falling down;

Shell--:Robust and Light die-cast aluminum shell of compact ad modern industrial design;

Lift Chain: Professional Customized Durable G80 Lift Chain,Chain Surface is painted by galvanization,higher Corrosion Resistance;

Motor: Standard 2 Speeds Motor or with Frequency Inverter to make Variable Speeds;

Voltage: 200V--600V/3Phase/50Hz or 60Hz; Hand Control Voltage:24V/36V/48V/110V;

Quality Warranty: Guarantee Hoist Main Mechanical Part 2 Years;



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