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MHTOOL European Low Headroom Electric Wire Rope Hoist 0.5T-100T

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Low Headroom European Electric Wire Rope Hoist for Single Girder or Double Girder Crane Advantages:

①-Accumulation and Innovation;

②-Compact structure,excellent performance;

③-Efficient transmission and power source;

④-Excellent performance,safe and reliable.

Precise positioning and efficient running can improve production efficiency:

Standard Lifting with double speeds by Frequency Inverter ensure the efficient running of the crane and promotion of logistics efficiency in workshop,and ensure the implementation of the whole work plans of customers on schedule.By the application of the frequency inverter technology,it can effectively reduce shaking of load in the process of handling,which makes the load positioning more quickly and accurately.Simultaneously,it significantly reduces the impact of starting and braking,the whole handling process becomes much more smooth and safe.




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